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Celebs With Surprising Secret Talents

Our superstar Bollywood celebrities lead a busy lifestyle, with acting as their profession and shooting films each day at different locales, they hardly ever get time to indulge in other activities. But not all celebs are like that, there are many Bollywood stars with hidden talents and they always make sure they make time to indulge in their passions.

Like Salman Khan, who always makes time from his busy schedule to do some paintings, shutterbugs have taken many pictures of Salman painting in his house. Salman took to painting to mend his broken heart and to escape from his turbulent life. According to scientific studies, art is really therapeutic and helps a person to gain a relaxed and creative state of mind, which Salman needed badly during the rough turbulence in his life and the paintings that he's made are not just wasteful indulgence, they are really good and he has auctioned quite a lot of them to raise funds for his charity - Being Human.

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Similarly Priyanka Chopra's singing talent is known to everyone. She is out with her fully solo song ' I can't make you love me', which is slowly topping the music charts. "I'm an entertainer," Chopra says in sing-song. "I'm born to go anywhere in the world and make you laugh and make you dance, make you sing. Busy is the new happy." Piggy Chops had hidden this talent of hers for a really long time after which she was seen singing here and there in movies. She says her father's dream was to see her as a singer and that's why she is pursuing her singing career so strongly in order to fulfill her dad's wishes.

Similarly there are many actors in Bollywood with different hidden talents inside them. With Priyanka Chopra all set to rock the scene with her music album, we decided to unearth a few celebrities from Bollywood with hidden talents. There's more to these versatile actors than just emoting in front of the camera. Here are 12 Bollywood stars with hidden talent, some you knew and some that you didn't.

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