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The Drunken Avatar Of Bollywood Celebrities

With glamour and fame comes the bad addictions like smoking and drinking. In Hollywood, celebrities who are into these addictions flaunt it with style. From Jennifer Lawrence smoking a mysterious cigarette to Rihanna drinking, the celebs are into addictions.

Bollywood too has its own side in this case. There have been occasions when raising a toast became too heavy at events and parties and celebrities have flashed their drunken avatars. The paparazzi has snapped drunk Bollywood celebrities at several occasions. From private parties to house parties, some celebs went out of control and gulped down more than they can take.

There have also been times when drunk Bollywood stars created a scene in public. Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor are some of the classic examples of drunken avatars. Here are some of the drunken looks of Bollywood stars.

Drunk Looks Of Bollywood Celebrities:

The Drunken Avatar Of Bollywood Celebrities

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