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Dumping Divas Of Bollywood

An actresses life is not easy, juggling career and love life does get tough. While some actresses try to manage their busy schedule in order to be with their loved one, other Bollywood actresses simply choose to break up.

They are so obsessed with trying to make it big in Bollywood that they go through men like tissue paper. Bold and confident, these actresses don't think twice about breaking up with someone. They have dumped so many that finally they have been listed under the category of dumping queens of Bollywood.

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These women are unscathed about their break ups and very clearly know what they want in life. This in fact makes them appear more hotter to men in the industry and the women very easily find more than one bakra to use , break up and move on.

Lets take a look at those actresses who mastered in break ups and ended up being the dumping divas of Bollywood.

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