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Funny Nicknames Of Bollywood Celebrities

A lot of Bollywood celebrities have changed their real name and got some funky stage names in the industry. It is a very old trend which is going on since generations. However, some Bollywood celebrities have really funny nicknames which can make you say, What The Hell!

We all have nicknames. While some are funny, some tend to sound embarrassing. Many celebrities in Bollywood have really funny nicknames which might not have any resemblance with their character or persona. For example, Lolo or Bebo are some of the well known nicknames of Bollywood celebrities, Karisma and Kareena Kapoor respectively. I mean why this name for them? What does Lolo mean? Bebo? We know Bebe not Bebo!

Some other Bollywood celebrities with really funny nicknames are Hrithik Roshan. The nickname of this handsome Bollywood actor is Duggu. Hrithik's grandma gave this pet name to Hrithik as his father, Rakesh Roshan was called Guddu and they wanted Hrithik to have a similar pet name.

They might be really famous worldwide but some celebrities have really funny and embarrassing nicknames which can actually make you laugh out loud. So, it is not just we who have funny nicknames. Even celebrities lead a normal lives like us and have some embarrassing pet names.

For example, Sonam Kapoor went on record to say that once her father, Anil Kapoor started calling her Giraffe. Thanks to her height which gave her this embarrassing nickname. We do not know whether the celebrity kid is still called by that name or not.

Here is a list of Bollywood celebrities who have really funny nicknames. From Priyanka Chopra to Hrithik Roshan, the list has all the funny and embarrassing pet names of celebrities to make you laugh.

Funny Nicknames Of Bollywood Celebrities:

Funny Nicknames Of Bollywood Celebrities

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