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Hilarious Expressions Of Bolly Celebs

Our Bollywood celebrities are rarely caught off guard, they are usually dressed in the best of outfits and have the right expression 24x7. But come on... No person in this world can be poised all the time, even our Bollywood celebrities.

Every now and then we catch these Bollywood stars giving the most weirdest expression possible which will make you roll with laughter. If these stars were to get their hands to these pictures, trust me they would burn them.

Bollywood Self Obsessed Celebrities

But here we are, with some exclusive photos of these Bollywood bigwigs giving the weirdest expression possible. Aishwarya Rai who is known for her plastic looks will stun you with this expression, no body would have guessed this beautiful actress to be actually laughing that hard that she could scare someone off.

Well, why wait... Let's check out these funny pictures of our Bollywood celebrities.

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