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Hilarious #SRKhuggedSalman Jokes That Are Trending On Twitter

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Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan seemed to have buried their hatchet over the Iftaar party. Yes, the actors who were once famous for their rivalry with each other seemed to have moved on. The two Khans hugged each other in 2013 at Indian politician Baba Siddiqui's Iftaar party during Ramadan. This hug became a topic of national discussion.

Everybody on twitter was suddenly seen making fun of the actors hugging. SRK and Salman fans were even arguing if the trending topic should be #SRKhuggedSalman or #SalmanhuggedSRK. Well let their argument continue, we will move on to the hilarious #SRKhuggedSalman Twitter jokes. Check out the trending joke on the site here...

Tweet Joke 1

#SalmanHuggedSRK or #SRKHuggedSalman.
National holiday declared in some parts of India after #SalmanHuggedSRK and...

Tweet Joke 2

#SrkHuggedSalman? Marks 21st July as World Hug Day? Or reschedule Friendships Day?

Tweet Joke 3

Toh Narendra Modi issi Ache din ki baat kar rahe the ??? #SRKhuggedSalman #readsomewhere :p

Tweet Joke 4

So, apparently #SRKHuggedSalman never happened. This is what really happened.

Tweet Joke 5

#srkhuggedsalman Mere Karan Arjun Agaye but Rakhi looks terrible with a moustache .

Tweet Joke 6

Now SRK Fans will start drinking ThumpsUp and
Salman fans can enjoy Frooty

Tweet Joke 7

because Salman came to SRK :P RT @ShyFyy Why is #SalmanHuggedSRK and not #SRKhuggedSalman trending? #ImportantQuestions

Tweet Joke 8

This is absolutely epic! "@FakingNews: Rupee recovers after #SalmanHuggedSRK"

Tweet Joke 9

National holiday declared. #SalmanHuggedSRK

Tweet Joke 10

Breaking News: Baba Siddique nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. #SalmanHuggedSRK

Tweet Joke 11

Karan Johar is right nw blushing like a lil school girl at the thought of a threesome #SalmanHuggedSRK

Tweet Joke 12

Barrack Obama instructs Baba Siddiqui to organise an Iftaar party for South & North Korea #salmanhuggedsrk

Tweet Joke 13

Rakesh Roshan announces sequel 'Karan hugs Arjun' to be released in 2015. Advance ticket sales cross 100 crores already #salmanhuggedsrk

Tweet Joke 14

Considering the hype around #SalmanHuggedSRK, Madame Tussauds may decide to have a wax statue of SRK and Salman hugging each other.

Tweet Joke 15

#SalmanHuggedSrk ...the big problem of the country is solved... Now gov hav to solve small cases like corruption...black marketing etc

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