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Hollywood Inspiring Bollywood Movie Posters

We are well aware of how Bollywood films keep getting inspired by Hollywood films. Remakes have become a common thing these days, but its not just the film that gets remade, the songs, costumes and stunts all are being remade in Bollywood style.

But off late the Bollywood filmmakers have gone one step ahead and took inspiration for their movie posters as well. Come on... can't we at least come up with our own movie posters. First the Bollywood stars are remaking the movies, then the music directors started copying the Hollywood tunes and now they have even started to copy their movie posters.

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But hats off to these people for blatantly lying about it and claiming that their posters are completely original and they have not copied their Hollywood counter parts. If you quiz them more then they shamelessly remark that they might have drawn inspiration from them.

Take a look at the posters shown in the slide and you will know that there is no inspiration going on, it is sheer replica of their posters with our Indian star cast. We bring to you a list of movie posters which have been "inspired" from Hollywood.

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