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Hot And Mischievous Pranksters Of Bollywood

Bollywood celebrities may seem classy and naive in public, but they are also the most mischievous pranksters we can find. These Bollywood celebrities are so naughty during the film shooting that there should literally be a sign stating "Beware Pranksters On The Set".

Akshay Kumar is the naughtiest of them all, as all his co-stars have time and again shared the pranks he pulls on them. During hank You shooting, he had apparently run out of ideas and was asking he fans to suggest him pranks which he can pull on Sonam Kapoor. He gave a little warning too saying, he needs a prank that is simple as he is friends with her dad. He id often known to flick his co-stars phone and hide it, scaring the poor people to such an extent that they spend the whole frantically looking for their phone,while he is well hidden with the Khiladi Kumar.

Stars too love a good laugh as it does get quite monotonous on the sets. So it's no surprise that they're known to pull a prank or two on their co-stars and directors. Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty in fact pulled a prank on their fan, when Ajay's fan arrived on the set, Rohit was yelling at him asking what he was doing there. Poor fellow started crying, when Ajay surprised the fan from behind.

The celebs well-executed pranks have become the talk of the B-Town. Today's no April fool's day, but nonetheless,it would be fun to check the hottest and most mischievous pranksters of Bollywood.

Hot And Mischievous Pranksters Of Bollywood:

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