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Who Would Want To See Me Romance In A Film - Juhi Chawla


Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Darr, Ishq, Yes Boss... If you start to count her films, this list would be endless. But what is longer than that is the list of this beautiful and vivacious actress' fans!

Whether it be Aamir Khan or Shahrukh Khan, the audience have enjoyed her pair with all actors she has acted with so far. She has made a special place in the hearts of movie goers with her innocent smile. But Juhi's fans are in for a surprise as she will be seen essaying the role of a ruthless politician in her film Gulaab Gang. The film is all set to release this week.

In an interview with Oneindia reporter Sonika Mishra, Juhi Chawla talks about her bonding and relationship with her competitor Madhuri Dixit, about the negative role in the film and about all the struggles that she had to undergo in her career.

Here are the excerpts from the interview with Juhi Chawla...

How was your reaction when you were first offered to play a negative character in Gulaab Gang? How confident were you in playing the character - Then and Now?

I thought Soumik Sen had gone mad when he approached me with this negative role in Gulaab Gang. I asked him to rewrite my role keeping my character in mind. When he did that, I thought it was too dull and boring. So, I decided to go ahead with the original script. Now, when I hear people appreciate my work, I feel happy that I did this.

How did you prepare yourself for a negative role like this, and was this character inspired by real life politicians in any manner?

Yes, I did a bit of research to find out how women politicians in India dress up and carry themselves in a crowd. I took inspiration from real life women politicians such as Sushma Swaraj, Mamta Banerjee and Sonia Gandhi.

What is your opinion about politics and do you think politics in reality is negative as well?

I know very little about politics, and whatever I read in newspapers about politics is all negative. I'm personally of the opinion that you don't have to be a politician to want to work for the well being of the people.

I heard that you were surprised to see yourself in a negative character on-screen. Why is that?

I was not very comfortable playing a negative role in Gulaab Gang. During the course of the shooting, I kept thinking whether I was doing the right thing. However, when Soumik Sen showed me the final film and told me that he was glad that I agreed to do this film, I thought my role had shaped up very well and felt like this was magic!

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Gulaab Gang
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