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Hilarious Twitter Jokes On Salman Khan's Kick

Salman Khan's Kick is trending everywhere, on the fan's mind, on Google, Twitter and every other medium you can think of. But what is trending most are the hilarious Twitter jokes on Salman Khan's movie Kick

Salman Khan's movie has got mixed reviews from people, while some enjoyed the movie to the core, there are those who haven't liked the movie on bit. Some fans are in awe of the stunts performed by Salman Khan while others find the stunts hilarious. Like any other movie, there are some bloopers in this movie as well and Salman's haters have made sure that they can highlight these bloopers as much as possible.

Especially Salman's mask has been fun of a lot, comparing it to Krissh 3 and suddenly out of where Kamaal R Khan reference is being made. As if there were not enough celebrity jokes trending on Twitter, that people have been making fun a movie that has been running houseful in theatres. 

According to the tweets on Twitter, people who are supposedly fans of SRK have been making such jokes on the movie and Salman's fans are not minding it as the fact that they went to watch the movie first day first show to criticize, the joke is on them and not Salman. 

Jokes apart, the film is quite good and you can read the exclusive movie review here.

Official Kick Review

Now moving on to the jokes, we bring you the most hilarious jokes on Salman Khan's Kick movie that are trending on Twitter.

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