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Cute, Funny, Weird Expressions Of Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor is the gorgeous Bollywood actress who is well known for her many facial expressions. If you snap her at any event, you can see self-obsessed Bebo giving too many expressions. However, Kareena Kapoor Khan looks stunning in most of her expressions.

Kareena's pout is very popular in the industry. Her buddy Karan Johar also learned the trick from her and he is the only male in the industry who gives a nice pout while posing in front of the camera. Apart from the famous pout, Kareena Kapoor also gives some funny and weird expressions which can be awkward at times.

Be it the shocked expression, the fake smile or an amazed look, Kareena has been clicked in various different moods. We decided to take a look at her different expressions that are cute, funny, weird and gorgeous.

Different Expressions Of Kareena Kapoor:

Cute, Funny, Weird Expressions Of Kareena Kapoor

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