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Most Expensive Weddings In Bollywood

Bollywood celebrities lead a one of a kind lifestyle, with everything they own being the most expensive items and the places they choose to live are the most luxurious places in the country. So when it comes to the wedding ceremony of these celebrities, a ceremony that will take place just once in everybody's life will obviously be more important for these celebrities and so they end up spending loads and loads of money to make the ceremony 'Oh! So Special!'.

The wedding ceremony of the celebrities is not just an important part of their life, it also tends to become the most important moment in the media's people lives. Since the fas are inquisitive to know what is happening at the wedding, what are the actors wearing, which designer has designed their clothes and who are all the guest who are attending the functions.

In order to give this news to the fans, the media ends up having sleepless nights and is busy through out the day or week to give you the most tiny details in connections with the marriage. Well, knowing how obsessed fans are to celeb weddings and knowing how much money they spend on their weddings, we have collaborated information and have brought you the most expensive weddings in Bollywood industry.

We have even collected the minute information associated with these weddings. Take a look at what happened at the wedding and check out the most expensive wedding in Bollywood...

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