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Most Romantic Lovey-Dovey Couples In Bollywood

It feels happy to see a couple in love, but sometimes when these couples literally shove their love in our face, it gets a tad too irritating. There are a number of such couples in Bollywood who seem to be too much into their partner and go overboard with love and today we are checking out such couples who are just too romantic and lovey dovey with each other.

The first couple which comes to my mind when is Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, look we know you are in love, but do you have to shove it in our face? First came the famous Kareena tattoo and then it was followed by the non-stop flow of compliments for each other. Wherever they go, be it a movie's press conference or some random event, these two somehow manage to relate a topic to their partner and start complimenting about how best their partner is.

Enough! We get it, you are made for each other. Similarly Ranveer Singh, he just goes on and on about how perfect Deepika Padukone is or how perfect their lip lock was. These couples are not just displaying their love for each other, they are going overboard with it. Previously Deepika Padukone was also showing her love for Ranbir Kapoor by getting a tattoo done and openly talking about their relationship but after he betrayed her, she has been more than careful with people knowing about her love life.

Let's check out other most romantic lovey dovey couples in Bollywood...

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