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Pics: Parineeti Flashes Her Great And Curvy Butt!

Parineeti Chopra is the covergirl for Women's Health magazine. Parineeti might have been criticised for her heavy weight, but the Daawat-e-Ishq actress has lost weight. Moreover, the cousin of Priyanka Chopra is trying new looks which is more like a makeover.

Off late, Parineeti Chopra is busy showing off her all new curvy figure. Even at Koffee With Karan's last season, Parineeti who appeared on the chat show with Alia Bhatt, did not stop from talking about her weight loss.

After seeing some of the pics of Parineeti Chopra from the photoshoot, we can clearly make out that the Daawat-e-Ishq actress has lost tremendous weight. She is no more plump but a curvy actress who will make men fall down on their knees.

In the August issue of Women's Health magazine, covergirl Parineeti Chopra. On the cover of the magazine itself, Parineeti is flaunting her curvy back. Check out pics from the photoshoot.

Parineeti Chopra Flashes Her Curves At Women's Magazine Photoshoot:

PICS: Parineeti Chopra Proved She Has Got Curves Now!
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