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15 Ridiculous Questions Shahrukh Khan Was Asked On Twitter

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Shahrukh Khan who has been so busy in coming up new promotional strategies to promote his upcoming movie Happy New Year, knows how to promote himself as well. The actor has been conducting this chat with fans every month on his Twitter handle where he'll attempt to answer as many questions as possible.

Shahrukh Khan took to his Twitter handle earlier in the day and tweeted the following,

The actor was then bombarded with questions from fans all over the world. While most of the questions were pertaining to his movie Happy New Year, there were a lot of personal questions as well. Some of these personal questions made sense, seeking gyan and knowledge about things SRK is good at but then there were those crazy tweets from fans asking the most ridiculous questions one can think of.

This question answer round the actor conducts goes on for over 2 hours where he attempts to answer as many questions as possible. The days he conducts this, the most trending topic on the Twitter will be #Asksrk.

Shahrukh Khan finished his attempt to get closer to his fans for the day, the actor tweeted so too...

While the actor is done answering the questions, we are not done taking a look at them. Here are 15 of the most ridiculous tweets from fans to Shahrukh Khan. Check out these crazy questions asked by fans and laugh out loud.

15 Ridiculous Questions Shahrukh Khan Was Asked On Twitter

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