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Shahrukh-Deepika's Fiery Moments In HNY That Cannot Be Missed

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Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone share many hot moments in their upcoming movie Happy New Year, but the one that stands out and cannot be missed are those moments when every time the couple come close, fire gets ignited near by and the couple don't care about it and are busy being lost in each other's eyes.

Check out these fiery moments between Shahrukh and Deepika in their upcoming movies Manwa Laage song that are funny but hot and are moments that are not to be missed.

Fiery Moment 1

Shahrukh Khan touches Deepika's hand and the flower vase near by lights, I mean literally lights up and all the other characters jump in to put out the fire.

Fiery Moment 2

Deepika falls onto Shahrukh and the fire ignites in the goods placed near by.

Fiery Moment 3

The couple are so lost into each other that they are not aware of the fire in the background.

Fiery Moment 4

Yet another moment when Shahrukh and Deepika come close and the entire window is on the fire.

Fiery Moment 5

When Deepika hits Shahrukh's behind, his track suit gets ignited. Now that's what we call a hot chemistry eh?

Fiery Moment 6

When Deepika looks at Shahrukh, his shirt lights up in fire.

Fiery Moment 7

When Deepika feed Shahrukh with sweet, the coconut in the plate lights up with fire. Wow... now what is happening here?

Fiery Moment 8

When Deepika comes to fix Shahrukh's clothes and everyone else come with a fire extinguisher to light out the fire.

Fiery Moment 9

Abhishek gets a tad bit excited and ends up opening the fire extinguisher.

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