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Shahrukh Khan, the 'Badshah of Bollywood' is famously known as the king of romance and true to his words, he always manages to get the woman in his films even if she is married or engaged to someone else. So now the name we have to give Shahrukh Khan is "The Woman Stealer".

If you observe Shahrukh khan has become an expert in stealing woman in his films, right from his blockbuster film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, SRK has been stealing woman. In this movie Kajol was a girl who was soon to be married to someone and she comes on this train trip as one last freedom trip in her life, where she happens to meet SRK's character.

By the time she is back in her town, she is in love with him and ends up running away from the marriage and starts running behind the train in her bridal wear and SRK is eagerly waiting for her and lends out an hand to help her get into the train. No one can forget this iconic scene which was again replicated in Chennai Express. Even in this movie Deepika Padukone is engaged to be married and he manages to make her fall for her and he too begins to fall for her and within 2 hours of the film, Deepika is in SRK's arms.

Well every Shahrukh Khan movie has to end up that way otherwise its a shame to be even cast SRK. The king of romance has to get the girl even if she is engaged or married to someone else. So let's check out the different woman stealing ways of the 'Badshah Of Bollywood', Shahrukh Khan.

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