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Shortest Male Actors In Bollywood

Tall, dark and handsome are the words you use to describe an ideal man but not in Bollywood. As here the shortst of the short male celebrities are the people who are ringing the Box-Office bells. Aamir Khan, one of the shortest male celebrities in Bollywood delivered a huge box-office hit with Dhoom 3 last year.

He is known to do just one movie per year but strangely all his movies are blockbuster hits and get crticial acclaim. So now you would surely not gauge a man's height with his success, would you? These male celebrities in Bollywood are like those good things who come in small packages. Aamir, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, Govinda, Uday Chopra, Rajpal Yadav and Rahul Bose are all five foot-something and proud of it. They don't cringe at not being a few inches taller and refuse to resort to camera tricks or wearing heels while romancing a taller actress on screen.

In fact Sushmita Sen even told on a popular television channel that when she was shooting with Salman, due to his short height the filmmakers had asked her not to wear heels. At that point Salman came and told her, I know you like wearing heels so wear it, you carry your height and I will carry mine. The actress felt so touched by his gesture and was in awe of Salman's humility. He has never felt bad about his height. If he were 6 ft tall, then probably his boundaries would have crossed even the Hollywood film industry. The man has the capability to rule.

Once during a rapid fire round on being asked who Hrithik Roshan would like to work with- Aamir or Salman, Hrithik had reacted by saying that since both of them were of the same height, there was not much of a choice. But he quickly elaborated that both Aamir and Salman had a lot of talent and that it would take him quite a few years to achieve what they already had. But right now the only point he had above them was his height. True to his words, these men have achieved more than he ever could.

Let's check out the shortest male celebrities in Bollywood.

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