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Pics: Hot Sonakshi Sinha's Gangsta Avatar On Instagram

Sonakshi Sinha has become the best example of a person going from fat to fit and ever since that the actress has become very trendy in her public appearances and also in her selfies.

After the recent weight loss we have spotted the actress trying out different looks, which we would have never seen her in before but the look that has caught her attention the most is 'The Gangsta Look'. Yes! In every other photo of the actress, we have spotted her sporting a gangsta cap and gangsta look and expressions.

It may be due to the new song she shot with Yo Yo Honey Singh, it may be her new look but the actress is often spotted in this gangsta cap, even for formal dress the actress is seen wearing this cap and ends up turning the look from formally hot to super gangsta hot. The actress is extremely active on all her social networking sites and that's how we spotted her gangsta addiction as well.

Using the same Instagram account, Sonkashi took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as well but obviously she added her own unique twist. The actress instead of dumping icy cold water on her head, overturns an empty bucket and says "So I just saved a lot of water and now I'm going to go donate the money," in the video.

She further said in the video, "Nobody nominated me. But i still took the challenge. And now i nominate you ALL to do what i just did. If you've already showered, skip the ice water. If you haven't, go ahead by all means. BUT please Go to http://www.als.org to donate."

This trendy chick is definitely one to watch out for and keep tab off. Check out the pictures of the actress turning into a 'Gangsta Chick' on the Instagram.

Pics: Hot Sonakshi Sinha's Gangsta Avatar On Instagram
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