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Supporting Actors Who Stole Limelight From Leads

There are many Bollywood stars who have stolen the show with their supporting roles. This basically proves that supporting roles are not something minor or less important. A lot of Bollywood movies have supporting roles where stars have impressed and won hearts with their role and performance.

In short, many Bollywood actors have stolen the show from the main lead with their excellent acting skills and character. One of the classic examples of this is, Sunny Deol. The robust Jat actor played a supporting role in the superhit movie, Damini. He comes after the interval and steals the show from main hero Rishi Kapoor. Sunny's famous one-liners "Yeh dhai kilo ka haath..." is still mimicked by his fans world over.

Another time when a supporting actor stole the limelight from Rishi Kapoor was in Deewana. Shahrukh Khan enters the movie after interval, but SRK woos the late Divya Bharti thus stealing the show from Rishi Kapoor who played the main lead.

Earlier, some not-so-famous actors played supporting roles on silver screen. However, things have changed with time and many leading stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan have played supporting roles in movies and even won Best Supporting actor awards as well for their role.

Here is a look at the supporting actors who stole the show from main lead on-screen.

Supporting Actors Who Stole Limelight From Leads:

Supporting Actors Who Stole Limelight From Leads

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