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10 Things We Hate About Bollywood

We love Bollywood industry, Bollywood movies, Bollywood celebrities everything! But like how each one of us have a favourite hero or heroine, we have a list of films we love or hate too! So all of us are well aware about what we love in Bollywood, the list will obviously start off with Salman Khan but today we are talking about things I/we hate about Bollywood.

Have you ever watched a movie seriously, like the story is enticing and you are completely involved and suddenly out of no where the hero starts dancing or an item dancer sheds her clothes to bare minimum and dances at a "daru ka adda". Do you like it or are you just plain irritated?

These are the things we are talking about, things that disturb us in Bollywood movies. Sometimes the whole story or movie disturbs us because of the lack of creativity. We celebrated 100 years of cinema last year and when you make a list of all the movies that were ever made, How many of them would have a storyline of a boy meets girl, boy falls for girl but something or someone doesn't allow them to come together and the climax of the movies would either end in them finally coming together or one of them dying or for a change like Ram Leela both of them die. Trust me 99 percent of the movies will come under that list.

Similarly there are a lot of things we as audience hate about our Bollywood films. Read on to find out 10 things we hate about Bollywood...

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