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Ugly Looking Bollywood Actors Who Aren't Handsome

One of the most important criteria for a Bollywood celebrity is looks. Be it dark, fair, tall or short, you need to carry yourself good so as to win hearts of the fans and also increase their popularity. While some of the Bollywood actors look breathtakingly handsome, there are some ugly celebrities as well who never look good on-screen.

We have the Greek God (Grithik Roshan), the rough and tough (Akshay Kumar), the robust (Salman Khan), the handsome (Shahrukh Khan), the Roman God (Arjun Rampal) to name a few who make women fall on their knees for them. Most of the women desire to have a man who looks like these handsome Bollywood stars.

However, there are some really bad looking Bollywood actors who never make a woman feel excited or turn her on. These set of Bollywood actors make a layman feel good as they get a chance to win the heart of their lady love and impress them!

For example, Uday Chopra is one of the celebrity kids who will never ever look handsome like the other contemporaries. Whichever look he tries, doesn't look good on him. Uday lacks that charm, charisma and the persona to look like a celebrity! He might be the ultimate Chopra, but his looks and acting skills do not make him a hit among the audience.

Another Bollywood actor who doesn't look handsome is Abhishek Bachchan. He too has tried different looks, be it in printed shirts, his patent black shirt or the suit, Abhi doesn't seem to impress the female audience. Thanks to his acting skills which had developed with time and made him famous at least. Otherwise the luck of the Bachchan kid was really drowning.

Here are some of the most ugly rather bad looking Bollywood actors.

The Bad Looking Bollywood Actors Who Are Not Handsome:

Ugly Looking Bollywood Actors Who Aren't Handsome

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