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Watch Out: The Sizzling Chemistry Of Young & Old

Bollywood has gone through many changes over the past yaers. From shooting techniques to make-up, the industry has come far ahead from where it was when it started. But, the most interesting change in its working style came sometime back. Filmmakers, today like to give something new and interesting to their audiences. Audience too is enjoying the chemistry between the new on screen jodis.

Today, filmmakers are making more of women-centric films and the male actors are facing strong competition from their female counterparts. As a lot of money is put into making a film, the producers think twice before signing an actress. Earlier, actresses were only a showpiece in the film, but today the actresses wants to play significant roles in their films and when given a chance, many of them have proved their mettle at the box office.

The story writing technique has also changed a lot. Gone are the days when most of the scripts were written keeping the male lead in mind. Today, people want to see something exciting and entertaining each time they go to a theatre.

There was a time when the male actors used to refuse working with married actresses, but now their mindset has also changed. If the script is doing justice to their character, the male actors feel free to work with the actress who is even older to them.

The scenario in the film industry has changed drastically, earlier producers were not very keen in casting the married actresses but today there are many actresses who are doing good at the box office even after getting married.

Here's a look at some unique pairing of the Bollywood.

Watch Out: The Sizzling Chemistry Of Young & Old

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