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Which Products Bollywood Celebrities Must Endorse?

Celebrity endorsements are very common these days. Every Bollywood star is endorsing some or the other brand. From pen to ice cream, we see Bollywood stars advertising products. But there are some Bollywood celebrities who should endorse some specific products which really suits them.

Although they do not need tips from us on which brand to endorse, we can certainly suggest them ideas which might be helpful.

For example, music composer turned singer turned Bollywood actor Himesh Reshammiya can endorse some products which suits him as well. Himesh who is well known for his nose singing can endorse nasal drops. One of the best products Himesh can advertise is caps. The music composer in the beginning never came in public without wearing his red and denim caps. It was when rumours of him being bald started doing the rounds, when Himesh decided to show people that he is not bald.

Meanwhile, Ranveer Singh who is considered as the Casanova of Bollywood endorsed a condom brand which raised many eyebrows. However, the ad completely suits him as he is flirty and a chilled out dude of Bollywood who just loves women!

However, we feel Ranbir Kapoor must also endorse a condom brand especially after his ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone said that she would like to gift Ranbir a packet of condoms. Here are some of the brands our Bollywood celebrities must endorse.

Products Bollywood Celebrities Must Endorse:

Which Products Bollywood Celebrities Must Endorse?

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