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Who Is The Best Serial Kisser In Bollywood?

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With kissing scenes being almost necessary in Bollywood films these days, we couldn't help but wonder that who is the best kisser in Bollywood. And with so many kissing scenes in each movie we had to list out the best kisser. Each actor has by now ended up having kissing scenes with almost every costar so with this latest trend of every actor turning into serial kissers, we have changed the title from best kisser to best serial kisser in Bollywood.

With the Bollywood industry being so big, it became quite tough so we have listed 29 best serial kissers of Bollywood. While we give you good reason as to why these stars are good kissers, you decide the final verdict. Take a look at our top serial kissers and see whether you agree with us.


Aamir was the actor who's kissing scene with sister Karisma Kapoor was said to be the longest kissing scene in Bollywood. He has had kissing scenes with both the sisters so he had to be in this list of best serial kisser of Bollywood.


Without the Bollywood's best serial kisser, you cannot have a best serial kisser list.


The most beautiful woman in the world had to be in this list for she has had many kissing scenes in her career.


He is the latest and best serial kisser in town.


Hrithik's kissing expertise has improved with each movie so he had to feature in this list.

Alia Bhatt

Alia's intense kissing scenes with both Sidharth and Arjun is the reason she is in the league of best serial kisser.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma too is one of the bold actresses we have in Bollywood, who has no qualms with kissing her costars and that's why she makes it to the list.

Arjun Kapoor

Out of the three movies he has done, the actor has shared quite a few intense kissing scenes with his co-stars.

Sunny Leone

With a kissing scene in every movie she has ever done, she ought to be there on the list.


She may have done just one kissing scene till date but she sure seems good at it.


Her intense lip lock scenes with both Aditya and Sidharth are responsible for her to be one of the best serial kissers in Bollywood.


Parineeti has become a expert in love making scenes so no wonder she makes it to our list.


This was Kareena's first kissing scene but it was sure intense.


Kangana's raunchy lip lock scenes make her one of the best serial kissers.


She may be new to Bollywood but she doesn't seem new to the idea of kissing though.


Deepika's hot kissing scene with Ranbir and Ranveer are proof of her serial kissing talent.


Bipasha has had intense lip locks right from the start of her career so  she has to be the best serial kisser.


Farhan's lip lock with this foreign actress is responsible for his entry onto the list.  


Akshay, the ex-playboy in the industry has to feature in the list.


For a married man, he sure has his ways with the ladies!


Katrina and Hrithik's kissing scene was one of the best kissing scenes in Bollywood.

Saif Ali Khan

With his wife featuring in the list, we could not leave hubby Saif far behind.


Ranveer's hot scenes in Ram-Leela are proof for this guy's kissing talent.


Sidharth being a newcomer, has kissed all his leading ladies. Lucky for him...

Shahrukh Khan

With SRK choosing to kiss his ex-friend's ex girl friend, he had to be there on the list.


Varun finally kissed his leading lady, thanks to his papa who directed the movie.


Without the sultry actress, you cannot list best serial kissers.


Sushanth probably had the time of his life with so many lip lock scenes with Parineeti.


If she has kissed the serial kisser of Bollywood, she has to be good at it.

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