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AIB Roast Row: Interesting Anti And Pro Tweets By Celebrities

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The recently held AIB Roast has been in news ever since it went live on Youtube. The first time of its kind in India, AIB Roast, also called AIB Knockout was hosted by Karan Johar, while Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor were the guests to get roasted.

AIB Roast has been trending on Twitter since much long for the hype it created and now two more hashtags related to AIB Roast or AIB Knockout has been trending, 'AIBNationalShame' and 'WeStandByAIBKnockout'.

After the show became available on Youtube, AIB Roast created a huge wave of controversy for its adult verbal content. While, several celebrities enjoyed the show applauding its 'good sense of humour' on Twitter, some others ridiculed the same calling it 'vulgar'.

All the celebrities, including Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor on AIB Roast stage along with the AIB members, were seen cracking adult jokes on each other. While, the jokes appeared super funny to some, the same words seemed to be vulgar and cheap to some others.

Now, with a debate already gearing up on Twitter with hashtags 'AIBNationalShame' and 'WeStandByAIBKnockout', several celebrities expressed their opinion on the show.

Here is a compilation of several celebrity tweets on AIB Roast or AIB Knockout hosted by Karan Johar with special appearance by Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. Also check snaps from the show...

Rajkummar Rao ‏@RajkummarRao

#AIBKnockout @thetanmay OMG you guys are amazing. What a spectacular show put together. Big Congratulations to all of you at AIB.

SOPHIE CHOUDRY ‏@Sophie_Choudry

By makin an issue out it, #AIBKnockout has become even more popular😋 Incidentally,I find the corruption I read about everyday more offensive

Sir Ravindra Jadeja ‏@SirJadeja

#AIBRoast proved that Deepika's Cleavage Controversy and Sonakshi's KRK Controversy was Totally Publicity Stunt. AIB National Shame

Twinkle Khanna ‏@mrsfunnybones

Thank you @arjunk26 @karanjohar for making me collapse with laughter seeing the roast &k-jo they were killing you:) #mustwatch #AIBRoast

Huma Qureshi ‏@humasqureshi

Unreal!Can't believe I missed it live @thetanmay @mojorojo @gkhamba @RanveerOfficial @arjunk26 @karanjohar killed it #AIBKnockout #madepic

Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan

Now @SunnyLeone is more respected girl than all those girls who were sitting n laughing for crap, Ghatiya n Wahiyat Jokes of #AIBKnockout

Satyadeep Misra ‏@satyadeepmisra

An unfortunate case of eats, shoots & leaves or am I being too kind to @ashokepandit ? What say @karanjohar?? #AIBKnockout

Shashank khaitan ‏@ShashankKhaitan

#AIBKnockout ... That was hole-arious... Give it up for @karanjohar @arjunk26 @RanveerOfficial @RajeevMasand @thetanmay ...

TANUJ GARG ‏@tanuj_garg

Unoffensive,sanitized,correct.#AIBKnockout is none of these&that's why itdelivers the hardestknock @mojorojo @thetanmay @gkhamba @awryaditi

Sanjay Jha ‏@JhaSanjay

#AIBRoast is what we all need; an ability to laugh at ourselves is a state of self-actualization. Bhakts, Sanghis, BJP acolytes can sulk!

Pritish Nandy @PritishNandy

I support the @AllIndiaBakchod roast. We need more such. Those who disapprove need not watch them. @RanveerOfficial @arjunk26 @karanjohar

Pooja Missra ‏@PoojaMissra

I think we all should condemn #AIBRoast which was full of forceful Filth,dirt & abuse! I hope they get some sense & sanity prevails over

Sonakshi Sinha @sonakshisinha

So nice to see twitter is filled with such angels who point out hypocrisy n never use foul language n have nvr laughed at dirty jokes (haw)

Ram Gopal Varma @RGVzoomin

@karanjohar Very few wil realise the amount of guts n integrity needed 2 endorse AIB .tht u did nd wth the class u did I wanna touch ur feet

Deepika Padukone @deepikapadukone

The #AIBKnockout is the coolest funniest show I have EVER witnessed!@AllIndiaBakchod @arjunk26 @karanjohar @RajeevMasand

Alia Bhatt @aliaa08

Some "not taking life so seriously" lessons are needed. DESPERATELY!!!!

Arshad Warsi @ArshadWarsi

Big thank you to AIB @karanjohar @RanveerOfficial @arjunk26 . Watched your show last night. Have not laughed so much in the longest time

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