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10 Vulgar Scenes Of Topless Daisy Shah Making Love To Karan Singh Grover

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The latest song from Hate Story 3 sees Daisy Shah going topless twice exposing her back and making love to hottie Karan Singh Grover.

From biting each other, smooching, kissing, sucking even, the duo have practically done everything. We could have not imagined the Jai Ho actress to be getting so bold in her second movie and that too with Karan Singh Grover.

She has done these intimate scenes like a pro and has allowed the makers to capture some rather bold moments of Karan kissing her everywhere.

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When she was asked about this new hot avatar on screen, she said, I can't reveal too much about my character, but all I can say is that there's a twist to my character which will shock people! It took me more than three months to decide whether I should do it or not. Initially, I was very sceptical about doing it as I wasn't sure if I would be able to pull of those scenes. Then I dicussed it with Salman who said, ‘If the role is convincing enough, you can pull it off."

She further added, "We are living another person's life. It's the character and not Daisy, the person, that the audience is seeing on screen.' I was lucky to be offered this role after Jai Ho where I played the girl-next-door. This role is not just challenging but poles apart from what I have done in Jai Ho!"

Daisy reveals how Salman Khan has been mentoring her, "I am not going to deny that. He is Salman Khan and I am lucky enough to have that access to him. Also he knows everything on films - from dialogues to scripting - and that knowledge has helped me. I am thankful and grateful for the advice and help that he has always given me."

Check out the sizzling vulgar scenes from the movie...


The video of the Hate Story 3 song. Tu Isaq Mera, starts with Daisy Shah going topless and baring it all as she takes bath gives numerous seductive looks and poses to seduce Karan Singh Grover who is waiting eagerly for her.


Daisy Shah heads out of the shower in her bathrobe and does a little striptease act, so as to give us a hint that she is practically nude and the same seductive expressions continue as she mouths the lyrics of the song.

Kissing Starts

Once Daisy and Karan come face to face with each other, they immediately start making out and kissing each other. Karan's hands hover all over Daisy's body, which you can clearly see in this picture.


A lot of making out happens between Karan and Daisy, so excited or into the scene Karan is that he seems to be licking and sucking her face and neck. Eww and gross but well that's the taste of the filmmaker so no comments.

Karan Gets Stripped

In one scene we see Daisy donning loud make up and stripping Karan, showing his super hot abs and body. In another scene we see Daisy grinding herself to Karan, now only God knows what is happening!


Hate Story 3 movie and no bikini scenes? Impossible! We see hottie Daisy Shah donning a black coloured bikini and swimming in the pool and later Karan Singh Grover joins her for a hot dance in the swimming pool.

Intimate Scene

Daisy Shah and Karan Singh getting intimate with each other on the bed. She is seen wearing a white shirt and Karan is baring his six pack abs in baby pink colured shirt. This is the first time, the duo are seen doing such intimate scenes with each other.


Karan Singh Grover has done intimate scenes in other movies as well but in this movie he is seen taking it up a notch kissing Daisy practically everywhere and it is shocking to see how she has agreed to do such a bold role.


In one scene we see the duo smooching and biting each other's lips while in the other we see Karan Singh trying to strip Daisy's clothes. In the third scene we see Karan's hands almost going in her shorts which has just shocked us.

Topless Again

The video started with her going topless and it ends with her going topless when Karan pops open her bra. We cannot believe that this is a Hindi movie for the same censor board had banned Fifty Shades Of Grey.

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