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Complete Details Of Fawad Khan And Wife Sadaf's Love Story Revealed

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Fawad Afzal Khan, more popularly known as Fawad Khan in Bollywood is one of the most handsome actors in the industry, not just here even in Pakistan where he has made a much bigger name for himself.

This actor who makes girls go weak in the knees fell in love with his now wife, Sadaf when he was a teenager and proposed marriage when she was just 16 years old. Though she rejected at the time, he kept his promise of marrying her and till date the two have a blissful marriage.


Complete Details Of Fawad Khan And Wife Sadaf's Love Story Revealed

Read Fawad's love story in his words, as told to MissMalini.com:

"I was 17, she was 16. There used to be MIRC at that time, which was Internet Relay Chat. So I 'met' her online. I was the one who was never allowed out of the house - I was allowed maybe once in a month, or something like that. Literally, I was like Rapunzel. (laughs) Not really, but ya - going out with friends and all was something that didn't happen so frequently.

So my friends used to tell me, "I know this girl, I know that girl." And one of my childhood friends knew of Sadaf and I told him that I'm interested in meeting her. Incidentally enough, the person I was going to meet, that I chatted to - was not Sadaf. Turns out the person I fell for was Sadaf, who was different from the person that I chatted to.

At that time, it wasn't like I was meeting to date or something; I was just going with the harmless of intention of meeting and seeing where things go from there. But then I fell for the other girl, and after that, I remember during A-Levels I met her again during tuition. We hadn't had contact in between for quite some time. And that's when we got into a relationship.

I remember I proposed to her on the phone after 10 days of getting into a relationship with her. I was like, "I've decided that I want to live the rest of my life with you because I think I'm an old-fashioned person and I'm not in for the hanky panky." Those were my exact words! Very cheesy, but I was like, "I really am. Will you marry me?"

And you would not believe what her reply was. "Are you mad?!" So I was like, why, what's wrong? She said, "I'm 16, what are you thinking right now? Just live it. Just live life for a while." But for the next three years I kept pestering her, and eventually after 3 or 4 years she finally said yes.

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