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Young & Free! We Bet You've Not Seen These Wild Pictures Of Lisa Haydon

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If there's anyone whom you can pin the famous saying 'young, wild & free', it surely has to be Lisa Haydon, hands down! The actress is filled with life and a free bird who's spirit cannot be tamed. She is the definition of freedom and always does things her own way!

Check out these young, wild & free pictures of Lisa Haydon here!

Lisa Haydon Young Wild Free

Amazing isn't it? From cycling to playing basketball and running around the beach, Lisa Haydon does it like she just don't care, and she does it in style. We're sure nobody can ignore looking at Lisa's pictures as she's a reflection of the term 'being free'.

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Lisa Haydon, rose to fame through the movie Queen, in which she played the role of Vijayalakshmi, the role certainly defines her character as a whole, and no one else would have pulled it off like the way Lisa did!

Controversies Like A Boss!

Recently, Lisa Haydon received flak from feminists for saying, "I don't like the word feminist" and "Feminism is just an overused term and people make too much noise about it for no reason."

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Of course, the statements made by Lisa Haydon was her personal opinion and was rightful, as everybody has their own opinions about a lot of things. However, this did not go down well within the feminist circles, and she ended up receiving heat from several groups.

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The leggy lass, Lisa Haydon, didn't give a damn about what people are talking against her, and posted a picture on Instagram with the quote ending as, "Our bodies create life. If feminists have a problem with this. Feminism is not their real issue... Nature is!"

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After a point of time, Lisa Haydon deleted the picture and went about with her life, hitting the beach and sipping cocktails at exotic locations, while her followers were busy fighting among themselves in the comments section. She surely is young, wild and free by all terms!

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