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Promising newcomers at peril

May is a crucial month for several entrants [actors, directors, writers, singers]. And at least three actors will be hoping for the best and keeping their fingers crossed - Mimoh Chakraborty [Jimmy], Sikandar Kher [ Woodstock Villa, Summer 2007 ] and Rajeev Khandelwal [Aamir]. Ironically, all three newcomers are expected to face each other on the same date or a week later - May 16/23.

The question is, what if the movies release on the same date? In an industry that's governed by the box-office [talent follows later], the newcomers would be hoping that they hit the jackpot in their very first release. Let's hope that the makers sort out the issue [averting the clash]. If not, let the best film [and newcomer] win!

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