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Sameer Dattani forced to got to road side saloon

Sameer Dattani
While Aamir Khan has made changing his hair style a new trend...director Mani Shankar too put his lead actor Sameer Dattani through a similar situation for his film Mukhbiir but with a twist. While Sameer Dattani was used to having his locks trimmed and styled by Mumbai's well known stylists like Aalim and Dilshad, Mani Shankar gave Sameer a shock by sending him during his preparation work shop for the role to a road side hair saloon to cut his hair and insisted he continue taking his hair cuts there through the entire making of the film.

Recalls actor Sameer Dattani "It was a horrifying experience the first time... we were starting shoot in 5 days and I was so worried if the cut didn't turn out nice. That guy just seem to be cutting my hair randomly...I think my little cousin sister would have given a similar hair cut :) Can you believe my fright when I entered the place they didn't even know how to spell Saloon the board said 'hair salun - come for shaving, hair cut, head bath&head massage.

I remember asking the guy what head bath means and it was suppose to imply a shampoo wash but at the end it wasn't so bad and it added to the authenticity of the character I played in the film…guess what was the best part of it all, it costs only Rs.15 and when I tipped the guy Rs.20 extra he was over to moon... I have visited him 6-7 times now during the entire shoot and he has promised he will take his entire extended family to watch Mukhbiir when it releases.

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