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Aishwarya's long forgotten boyfriend reappears

If you though Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi were the only two men Aishwarya Bachchan dumped before marrying Abhishek Bachchan, think again. Aishwarya had dated model Rajeev Mulchandani at the start of her career. The two had met during their modelling days and instantly connected but as Aishwarya's career starting scaling new heights Rajeev turned out to be no match for her and the relationship died a natural death.

Rajeev Mulchandani has however emerged from nowhere and was spotted at a recent Page 3 event. Rajeev who had once dated world's most beautiful woman looked skinny to the core during the event. Aishwarya wasn't the only Bollywood actress who dumped Rajeev as he faced similar heartbreak from Manisha Koirala as well. Seems like Rajeev's stars did not favour him when it came to dating B-Town babes.

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