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Hot Mallika addicted to Twitter

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Mallika Sherawat
Bollywood hottie Mallika Sherawat was in Hollywood town Los Angeles to finish her work on the serpent movie Hissss. Having been put there for a long time, it seems Mallika began missing Mumbai and her Mumbai friends. This perhaps resulted in her getting addicted to social networking fad, Twitter.

She has become a Tweeter, that's the name used for those who post SMS-sized messages on the twitter.com site. Mallika's feed is called twitter.com/mallikaLA. The last two initials indicate where she is and so she might as well stop after returning next month. If one logs (its free) on to her twitter id, one can witnessed that she has been consistently blasting away messages sending them from her computer and from her mobile phone.

If you are wondering what she is talking about, well, right from self-praise to her 10 Ka Dum appearance with Salman Khan to her Yoga to Farah. Mallika describes herself as a Vegan, which means someone who is not just vegetarian but also does not have milk or milk products. The actress went on Salman's Dus Ka Dum over the weekend and when he asked her why she was single and her reply was - "Hmmmm, good question!" Presently, there are only 578 people interested in Mallika's twitter feed.

Here are a few messages that Mallika has been posting on her twitter site –

# bette davis tombstone reads:"she did it the hard way." I want mine to say:"a woman who dared."

# Gosh ram gopal verma called me the marilyn monroe of the east..blush blush - about 1 hour ago from txt

# Doin yoga with my new instructor. Limber up - about 2 hours ago from txt

# Farah khan just gifted me a beautiful Buddha statue for good luck :):) - about 14 hours ago from web

# gosh....its so hot in bombay feel like going for a swim - about 19 hours ago from web

# Next Big Thing In My Life - Being the guest of honor at a charity event in LA at Sheraton Hotel, for cancer patient's association - about 19 hours ago from web

# i'm eyeing the gooey choc brownie...shud i ? man Pranayam can b tough - 10:27 AM May 26th from web

# Good mornin:) now for some heavy-breathing Pranayam, that is...7:54 AM May 26th from txt

# am still new at this, need to learn to link and do pics... so go easy on me, guys give a girl a break:) 9:17 PM May 25th from mobile web

# the reports that this twitter account is not really me have been greatly exaggerated;) 9:05 PM May 25th from mobile web

# now he wants to know why i'm single. hmmm. good question 12:34 PM May 25th from mobile web

# Did Salman Khan's show. How gracious he is Even gave me his trailer when a/c in mine broke:)

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