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Katrina slaps Imran 16 times!

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Imran and Katrina
Katrina Kaif and Imran Khan, are at present shooting for their next film under the Yash Raj banner, titled Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. The stars have reportedly tasted the real taste of tight slapping on the face while, shooting for a scene. Katrina slapped Imran 16 times to make the sequence look authentic and perfect!

The script of the film demanded an intense scene, where Katrina had to slap Imran. While shooting the scene Kat just faked the action of slapping her co star. But, Imran Khan, was not satisfied with the fake scene and wanted the scene to look real. He asked Katrina to slap him for real. But to his bad luck Kat took 16 slaps to make the scene finally look perfect.

Just to shoot for one scene in the entire movie Imran went under the knife and got 16 slaps right on his face to make it look real. Reports also suggest that Imran Khan has asked the editors of the film to include the the best tight slap in the film, and cut out the rest of the recording.

Well that definitely proves Imran's professionalism. Looks like he is very much following the foot steps of his uncle Aamir Khan. For Katrina Kaif, hope she had a heart full of content after slapping a guy that hard, in her real life!

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