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Ranbir a better actor than Imran; Aamir

Aamir Khan prefers Ranbir Kapoor over bhanja Imran Khan. Surprised! Read on...

Well, Aamir is better known for his perfectionist and straight forward attitude. He will not fail to call a spade a spade. That's what happened when recently in a certain interview he was asked as to who is a better actor Ranbir or Imran.

The actor without being diplomatic, spoke out his mind by saying that though he loves Imran, Ranbir is surely a better actor when compared. Hmm!! that is quiet an answer Aamir. As for Imran, here is something that will keep you going.

He adding to his opinion said that Imran is surely a 'lambi race ka ghoda' (long way to go). Well, Imran keep working hard we are sure one day you will find a compliment from the perfectionist of Bollywood.

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