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Cheers - Celebrate Life

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Jun 2016


What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.
  • kamlesh-sharma 2 years ago

    my name is kamlesh sharma sunny ji aap ghatk jasi movi le kar vapas aiye

  • chadan-kamalaksa 3 years ago

    My name is chandan from m Mauritius i think sunny has done the greatest injustice by not appearing on the screen as an action hero.salman has surpassed him too much.but if he has to come back heshould not delay.comeback asap do some magic and take over salman. Should you be the mancho man,why you are caught over stupid cases, bothering you with petty affairs.

  • ps-rai 4 years ago

    Dear Bother, I like your comedy role as much as your action role. Try for adventure role under sea & in air if you get offer from Hollyhood. This would definitely exposed your new potential & avtaar.

  • gopi-sidhu-daudhar 4 years ago

    22 tere wagra hor koiii actor nhii,,,,saare fudu aa hor actor,,,jatta de tohr hee vakhri aa duniya te

  • kuku 4 years ago

    SUNNY SIR, YOU'RE THE BEST ACTION HERO IN THE WORLD FOR ME, i hope read my mess. i miss you

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