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Dilwale (U/A)


2 hrs 38 mins

38  Audience Reviews

288 Ratings

Release Date

18 Dec 2015


Dilwale movie is a comedy-drama promises to be high on emotions, action and comedy. The film offers gravity-defying action sequences and silly-slapstick ...
  • Babli a year ago

    Everything about this film was over the top! The cars, the colours, the action (fighting)....the storyline. I did not get my evenings entertainment worth! It should have had a warning sign of ' there is a lot of flash photography, be warned, those who are allergic to flashlights!' ITS HIGHTIME SRK realised that he is not Peter Pan. As for Kajol, yes she looks pretty and that's all! Kajol needs a leaf out of her cousin Rani Mukherjee's book. It was the wrong role for Kajol especially if she wants to make an impression after all these years of coming back into films.

  • Shirin a year ago

    SRK is man in black as usual thz color suits him best. Relaxing movie as specially if one has nothg to do ln 2 Jan. Gerua is similar song to Suraj hua martham in 3KG.Kajol has a rejuvenating look but i still feel that Kareena wud hv taken z movie to another level wz her Nawab gestures in Bulgaria. Johnny n Varun tks to their comedy movie wl still run.

  • Babli a year ago

    Real crap movie.....what a waste of an evening for me and my family. I would have rather made some dinner at home and invited friends over. SRK seems to think he is Peter Pan and will never age. Please grow old gracefully Sharukh and get signed up for a serious role where you can show the world real acting talent! Whereas Kajol has had a revamp on herself and wanted to show the world how glamorous she can be even after being Ajay Devgan's wife....if she wants to come back into films then she needs to take some acting lessons from her cousin Rani Mukherjee!!!

  • Priyansh a year ago

    Very nice movie of this year

  • KinG KhAn a year ago

    best movie ever srk lubbbbbbbb uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh........

  • Parul a year ago

    Idiot movie

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