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Love Aaj Kal (U/A)

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31 Jul 2009


Love Aaj Kal is a romantic comedy movie about a modern-day London based couple Jai (Saif) and Meera (Deepika). Life pulls them in different directions, which ...
  • gaurav 6 years ago

    Gr8 one super duper hit film of this year

  • somak 6 years ago

    i guess waht was very well brought out int he movie is the present day scenario between relationships....and how often we tend too become or beleive in being too practical

  • rishi 6 years ago

    Movie was not so good..some masala was missing in it.It can be a good movie but mixing was not good in both story.

  • don 6 years ago

    good movie....actually gr8 one.... only if u understand wht imtiaz wants to convey in real. fantastic chemistry btw the ld pair. Saif is getting old nd tht ws visible. He can't dance for nuts. But he acted really well nd so did ms padukone. kinda movie..hmmmm..u need to watch twice to praise it nd i m sure u will...i bet..hahaha. Go watch it out for shear brilliant direction. Hats off to Imtiaz.

  • jonathan 6 years ago

    nice movie

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