Mohan Das - A Man Lost In His Own Nation

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04 Sep 2009

Mohan Das - A Man Lost In His Own Nation Story

Mohan Das - A Man Lost In His Own Nation movie is based on the character Meghna Sengupta who is currently working as a news correspondent in a news channel in New Delhi.

The story of the movie takes a trun when one day she receives a video tape from an unidentified man from Madhya Pradesh, Anuppur claiming that he is the actual Mohandas and somebody else has stolen his identity and has started living as him.

Meghna was urged by the story very much and in hopes of covering a local town scam, she decides to pay a visit to the village of Anuppur. She soon come to know that Mohandas is a topper in his academics and belongs to the poor community of basket weavers. He soon makes it to the white-collar post in Oriental Coal Mines and thus was joyed with the same. But he kept waiting to get the job and some time later he discovers that comebody else is working on his job and also has stolen his identity.
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