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Mujhe Zinda Karo

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Mujhe Zinda Karo is a true story based on Lal Bihari a man in Uttar Pradesh (North Indian province) and his attempts to prove that he is alive after being declared dead by government authorities. Lal Bihari, a clothes merchant, is a happily married man leading a peaceful life, until one fateful night when his shop catches fire.

With the intent of restarting his business, he applies for a loan, where he is directed to produce his property documents as guarantee. When Lal Bihari approaches the village municipal head, he is shocked to discover that he has been deemed a dead man! Lal Bihari's relatives in connivance with the authorities had declared him dead in order to acquire all his property under their name.

The story then travels across 18 years as Lal Bihari fights against all odds to get himself declared alive.
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