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Phata Poster Nikla Hero


Action - Comedy

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20 Sep 2013
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By : Gurpreet

On : 2013-09-20 12:01:49

Phata Poster Nikhla Hero is funny but only in parts. No Plot, no story, and a ridiculous sense of taking viewer for granted. Death of plot, cinema.
The actors attempts to be a bit dabangg and a bit rowdy like Rathore.

On a whole Phata Poster Nikhla Hero is Phata Poster Nikhla Zerrooo...
By : Niki

On : 2013-09-20 09:52:43

Phata Poster Nikhla Hero is a timepass entertaining movie. First half of the film wis good comical scenes anf fights. But as the movie progresses, too much over acting and loud performance...
And climax was predictable and sad.

On a whole its a gud entertaining movie, Ileana...
By : Nunda

On : 2013-07-16 14:47:37

One could say it was the worst film of the decade! Shahid Kapoor should have chosen a better film for his comeback than a rubbish and absolutely bizarre movie such as this. No plot, over acting, nonsensical dialogues and a horrible script =.Phata Script Nikla Flop.
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