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02 Apr 2010


Sadiyaan is a period drama, set in the Punjab of the time of 1947, the time of partition to the year 1970. It is a love story, a family drama and a story of ...
  • big-flop 6 years ago

    a disaster. so so so so so so rubbish and boring. total bakwas. do not waste your hard earned money on this bakwas movie. hero and heroine look like they just rolled out of bed. total bakwas. total total bakwas.

  • tanveer 6 years ago

    A producer has the right to choose any story he like. If u want a different story-hindu gal marrying a muslim boy, then make a new movie yourself. Muslim personal law board is not bothered about such stupid thoughts like yours. and please learn to spell properly. So when are you making a movie about hindu gal marrying a muslim boy? :) but then again some hindu fundamentlist might not like it!! LOL.

  • riya 6 years ago

    hey what kind of music you like it n wer r u frm n ur name is my favourite..

  • nilesh 6 years ago

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  • human 6 years ago

    Yes brother u too growup see ya

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