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  • sargana 4 years ago

    'sargana' here not used in a good sense, they have probably mis-spelled its actually sarghannah(kisi girooh ka sarghannah) means the leader of a group of people doing something bad. That what i suppose this movie is all about.

  • naina 4 years ago

    I m From a Sargana Family... I want to knw how and y did u choose this name for ur film? I mean wat is the role of SARGANA in this movie???

  • sohalib-ali-sargana 4 years ago

    me Sohalib Ali sargana from multan pakistan .my caste is sargana which are brave rajputs and i want to know what is the mean of sargana in this film and what does it show

  • amin-mohammad-siemens-pakistan 6 years ago

    Mahr Amjad Sb After hold in Jhang and Multan, Sargana has now got international fame in Bollywood also.We should be proud of it. By the way Sargana is a sub caste of brave Rajputes of Indo Pak. Mohammad Amin Sargana- Dubai

  • amjad-sargana-advocate 6 years ago

    my caste is Sargana i want to know how did u select this name of your film ? how did u got idea ? Thanks my email address is

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