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21 Aug 2009
Shadow is a suspense - thriller movie in which Arjun Sherawat is a man who is unseen and is the criminal. No one has his identity. It has now been 6 month and the police have not yet been able to crack a serial murder case. This case has been granted to Sanjana who is a police officer. She has been trying too hard for the past 6 month but all her efforts have been in vain.

Sheetal is a press reporter who loves her profession to the core. She is a very vibrant girl and full of life, she works with a known news channel and has each and every information about the case as she follows it very closely.

Rahul a press reporter from another news channel has also been following the case step by step. He constantly keeps nagging Sanjana about the case by questioning her from time to time. Sheetal is in love with Rahul who is in love with his profession only. Murders are still being committed in short intervals. There are many incidents which also point out that may be Rahul is actually Arjun Sherawat and Sheetal is deeply involved with him.

One day Sheetal passed an information to police about the next target of Arjun Sherawat then Sanjana shot him in an encounter. And so the case has now been solved. This also removes the suspect which was on Rahul and Sheetal. Everyone is in a joyous mood until they hear Arjun Sherawat's latest audio clip on television which says that he will kidnap a famous builder Habeeb Faizal in front of the police on a given date. Everyone is stunned on hearing this. Meanwhile Arjun Sherawat succeeds in kidnapping Habeeb Faizal.

A lot of twists and turns along with conflicts now begin till the case is actually solved.
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