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Tell Me Oh Khuda

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27 Oct 2011


Tell Me Oh Khuda is about a girl in search of her father....
  • ansh 4 years ago

    I have alot to say for this moving. No words to describe. I guesss mindblowing, fantastic, super hit movie. I really loved it. I think esha and her mom & dad should do some more films together.

  • aruna 4 years ago

    Its a very good story.

  • anand-veer-singh 4 years ago

    jabardast movie hai. super hit tell me o khuda. but ra-one- super flop

  • ghali-musa-sati 4 years ago

    The film is well intaining easha has proved it to the film makers that she well talented and shi desarve big project.

  • samaira 4 years ago

    Loooooove the movie! So well picturized. Esha looks too beautiful in this one!

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