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The Falling movie is about high farmer suicide rate in the country. The story is about a journalist who reveals the misery of the farmers....
  • ajas-dewanji 3 years ago

    Amir is perfectionist as we know all in addition no one can plan and act like him. I don't know what would be the situation for other director if he totally enter in direction.I thing we should change rename the bollywood with amirwood because no one can look like him ( when he was young he was too smart with his hair cut and got named "chocolate hero" and now when he is in middle age he got "perfectionist" it seems as days goes on he is getting different title with his look and profession as well). I wish I could see you in my life at once, of course every movie of yours will design destiny what you decide though I am wishing you all the best for your all movies.

  • dev-a 4 years ago

    aaaaaaammmmmiiiiiirrrrrrr the true actor of bollywood and unfortunately the only in bollywood

  • sikander-hayat 4 years ago

    Main Aap Ka Aur Aamir Khan Ka Great fan ho. Meri ye Request hai Aap dono ko ye FALLING movie Aamir khan karin aur aap is DIRECTOR ho. I LOVE YOU AAMIR KHAN YOU SO SWEET. YE MERI ARZOO HAI K AAP YE MOVIE KARIN. THANKS......

  • ajay 4 years ago

    Aamir is producing this movie i dont think he is going to act in it but still would be a blockbuster i think

  • prabodh-ranjan 4 years ago

    Its great to see aamir in it.

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