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Yes Boss (U)

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18 Jul 1997


Yes Boss film is about Rahul (Shahrukh Khan), a middle class man, revelling with a lucrative job and extra earnings made by helping his boss deal with his ...
  • a-fan-of-the-king-of-romance 2 years ago

    I realize Yes Boss is not one of Shahrukh Khan's well known successes, actually it wasnt even a box office success. However it is still my most favorite film of Shahrukh Khan. He did not have to do any of his hilarious "over acting" and actually lived the part. The character of Rahul, a man wanting to make his dreams come true, marry the girl he loved, and keep his motehr away from illness was meant for Shahrukh. It is believed by me tha like in this film, Shahrukh in real life has a heart of gold . Basically the film's conflict is to choose which is more important: ambitions or love? The answer is love, as it should be. The film also has hauntingly melodious songs like "Jaata Hai Tu Kahaan" and "Chaand Taare" and Shahrukh's most melodious song, for which Abhijeet won the Filmfare Best Male Playback Award "Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon".

  • manish-shrestha 6 years ago

    this is romantic film . i like it .

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