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Zila Ghaziabad

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22 Feb 2013


Zila Ghaziabad movie is a biopic, based on the notorious gangster Omprakash alias Babloo Srivastava's life. The movie is based on a war between two rival ...
  • varun 3 years ago

    hey guys let me correct u it is nt based on "notorious gangster Omprakash alias Babloo Srivastava's life" bt based on mahinder fauji life, plz correct it, u can check it from anywhere it is mahinder fauji guys

  • aman 3 years ago

    Looking forward to vivek in another gangster role

  • jay 3 years ago

    Me too looking to C and expecting the movie Sanju baba to be blockbusterz

  • azmat 3 years ago

    wow....interesting lukin forward 2 see this movie

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