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Riya Sen gets stalked

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Monday, September 18, 2006
Riya SenStalking celebrities is not a new phenomenon but sometimes things just go out of control. Riya Sen had to go through one such disgusting experience recently. Riya was stalked by a person who claimed to be an actor himself. He came to her residential building around 3:30am and was there till 7:30 am. The man was drunk and kept calling Riya on her cell phone.

However, things seemed to be getting out of hand when he tried strangling one of the security guards who were trying to stop him. But since he was drunk, the guards couldn't do much to discipline him. The man who claimed himself to be an actor named Bobby, also made calls on her landline. Besides, Riya says that she has recently got a new cell number which very few people have and therefore, she was shocked at how this stalker got her number.

Riya says that she has returned to town recently and is yet to lodge a police complaint. She still has his cell number and messages on her phone. 

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