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Shahrukh follows director's vision

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Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan, ''Moreover, life is always a heartfelt tale. So yes, it is expected that tear effect would be the same on audiences across the globe. I am in fact confident about it because if the warmth of the story touches you then nothing can go wrong with this movie.''

Which means that instead of Billu being termed as a comedy, it would rather be considered as a 'let's make you cry' kind of emotional drama.

''It's not a comedy as in like a farce or spoof, but the situations and the mess we human beings create is often quite funny and sad and could make you laugh when you cry and cry when you laugh'', philosophizes Mushtaq Sheikh, ''' Billu is a film with a golden heart' Now that's my favourite phrase to describe Billu.''

For a movie like Billu, where Shahrukh Khan and Irrfan Khan were there from the very beginning, was he required to write the film in a manner that would suit their images?

''Actors such as Irrfan Khan and Shahrukh today play characters as per the writer's creation and the director's vision. Sure they have their own interpretations and take on how to play the character but the writer does not need to tailor-make a character to suit the actor's image. Those days are long gone'', asserts Mushtaq Sheikh.

''Shahrukh Khan and Irrfan Khan are passionate about their work not their 'image'. And luckily for me Shahrukh, who has the more formidable image, plays himself but with a name Sahir Khan. So yes, in a way, at least that bit has changed'', he laughs.

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